To uplift and transform communities in distress through sustainable social welfare projects.



Mission Statement



We aspire to empower communities through pioneering healthcare, relevant education, facilitation of infrastructural development and sustainable livelihood programs.




The strategy adopted by OMI to reach our vision is to coordinate and manage geographically dispersed programs by building strong networking relationships with local NGOS, government bodies, hospitals and other partners. By doing this we hope to deliver high quality services to our beneficiaries seamlessly.

We hope to serve as a reference point or training centre for many other organizations who would wish to collaborate with us and/or adopt our existing programmes in their respective area of operation.




We endeavour to design programs with a 2-prong approach wherein the program is not only able to achieve our designated primary goals but also be able to generate employment and income for the locals in the vicinity of the project thereby trying to combat the prevalent poverty in our country.

We aim at creating projects which are able to sustain themselves long after we have withdrawn from the project . This we do by empowering and training the local agencies and community across our projects so that they are able to continue the projects even without our intervention.